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Crisis & The miracle of love

Crisis & The miracle of love

Mastering Chance and adversity at any age

At every stage of life there is a POIT OF POWER - a time when an intense amount of energy is made available to us for our emotional and spiritual growth. These pockets of energy contain immense creative potential that can be effectively harnessed to accelerate our succus in life.

Some call them crisis points - we call them MIRACLE POINTS !

If you want to now how to:

- Turn your crisis into opportunity
- Acces the creative potential at your stage of life
- Create succusful lasting relationships
- Understand your children and learn from them
- understand the process of death and its real meaning

Mansukh Patel
Helena Waters
philosophy of life
paperback, 437 pages
life foundation
prijsindicatie € 14,95
Erwin Nas - kunst, cultuur & reizen - amerigo, 2018