boeken over kunst & cultuur en reisboeken

Sebastiao Salgado
Lelia Salgado
hardcover, 336 blz
isbn 3822856215
Librero - 2007
prijsindicatie € 24,95

Sebastião Salgado has worked on Africa since the outset of his career. His first reportage was made in Niger in the 1970s, and he subsequently covered the wars of independence in Angola, Mozambique and the Spanish Sahara. Since then he has photographed all the catastrophic events that have afflicted the multitudinous peoples of Africa : drought in Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad, genocide in Rwanda, and the thousands of refugees huddled together in makeshift camps or lining the roads, dying of hunger, thirst or epidemics. He has also photographed those working on the lands of Africa or fishing its waters and captured the return of those who had long been exiled. Recently Sebastião Salgado returned to Africa to capture the pride and the beauty of the continent. His subjects include the Himba people amid the dunes of Namibia and the Dinkas in southern Sudan. He has also photographed the mountain gorillas and volcanic region of the Virunga Mountains, which are shared between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. These photos from part of a »work in progress« called Genesis : a series of black and white photos of landscapes, fauna, flora, and human communities, together constituting an investigation of nature in its original state.
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