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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

27 januari 1756 - Salzburg
5 december 1791 - Wenen

As a young boy Mozart and his family visit Holland during September 1765 until May 1766. Wolfgang Amadeus was ten years old when he played on March 11th, 1766 in The Hague during the inauguration of the last Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic, William V, Prince of Orange. Mozart composed for this occassion KV32, Galimathias Musicum.

The second stamp shows Mozart and the Müller-organ, an enormous organ built in 1738, 30 metres high, in the Saint Bavo or Great Church in Haarlem, Holland.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

stamps designd by Robbert Zweegman - postnl, 2016

»Collecting stamps sounds as searching for dinos. For children it is a nice and decent hobby. It profits : knowledge.«

some other quotations by Mozart :

»Bad hairday ? Do not mention my hair !«

About the Ducht ? They sing well, and loud.

»Harlem, nice town, great shuffle. I love it. Great people in Harlem, lots of art.«

Mozart's famous last words : »Are you talking to me ?«

Mozart ? Music ? Kugeln !

Mozart by Dali & Warhol

Listen : »Ta, Ta, Ta, Ta !«
Copied by severals, always less.

some other quotations by Mozart : »Holland ? Great ! Small, very small, actually it is a swamp, but great, it is a great swamp. Holland. I did not mention The Netherlands.« »Amsterdam ? Also a swamp, actually it is the biggest swamp I have ever seen. But is smells different.«

Erwin Nas - kunst, cultuur & reizen - amerigo , 2017