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Finland - Suomi



The name Finland is distracted from the word Firnland, it means Snowland. In Finland snow everywhere, lakes too. Where lakes, there mugs.

mug photo

Suomi Finland is wellknown by it's warm people, and Nokia of course.

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Nokia $ NYSE

I think Nokia deserves better. In the early days they started as a rubber boot company. Shortly they will present something complete new, I presume : smart robots. Finnish people are smart people, they would not hesitate to invite some technical whatever.

I am looking forward to visit the capital city Helsinki once. I have never been there before. Maybe the Finnish tourist agency will send me an invitation. Who knows ?

One of the greatest covers of travel guides Finland is the Dominicus guide. Nice pic, great mobile, the greatest ever. And look at the colourful knitting. Amazing colours ! So different comparing my Swedish carpet or my Norwegian sweater.

Finland travel guide

Dominicus Finland - Eeva Tuovinen & Erik Kriek

Erwin Nas - kunst, cultuur & reizen - amerigo, 2018