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The History of Architecture in India

The History of Architecture in India

Alvar Aalto, Noormarkku 1937-1939

tekst in engels
Christopher Tadgell
26,3 x 26,3 cm
336 pages
96 colour illustrations
454 b&w illustrations
isbn 0714829609
This is the first modern monograph to draw together all the strands of India's architectural history - from the Vedic and native traditions of early India, through Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and secular architecture, to the eclecticism of the British Raj.

The History of Architecture in India provides the essential background information on invasions and migrations, dynasties, religion, symbolism and myth in the development of characteristic forms.

Hundreds of photographs, engravings, maps, plans and elevations are closely integrated with the text, resulting in a book for both scholars and anyone interested in one of the world's richest architectural traditions.

Christopher Tadgell is Senior Lecturer in Architectural History at the Canterbury School of Architecture, Kent Institute of Art and Design. In 1985 he was Morgan Professor of Architectural Design at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.
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