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City and Port

Han Meyer
urban design
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City and Port

The Transformation of Port Cities, London, Barcelona, New York and Rotterdam

Is it still possible to design public urban areas that are simultaneously meaningful on more than one level of scale: on the levels of both large-scale infrastructure and the local urban fabric? This question lies at the heart of 'City and Port'.

The book presents a study of nineteenth- and twentieth-century urban-design and plan-development practices in four port cities. Han Meyer analyzes conditions for urban planning and the discipline's ability to design public areas that can play an intermediary role between networks on various scales.

Port cities form a rewarding framework for a study of the ability to design intermediate areas. All four port cities discussed here have old harbor areas which are being reorganized. These areas can be seen as an excellent laboratory for new experiments that focus on designing a link between large-scale infrastructure and urban fabric. The significance of such experiments extends far beyond the harbor areas themselves.


- The Nineteenth-Century Port City on its Way to the Twenty-First Century
- The English Port City: London and the Wonder of Docklands
- The Mediterranean Port City: Barcelona and the Other Modern Tradition
- The North American Port City: New York, a Boundless Urban Landscape
- The Northwestern European Port City: Rotterdam and the Dynamic of the Delta
- Towards an Urbanization of Infrastructure

In 1990 Han Meyer was appointed Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning Design for Delft University of Technologyís Faculty of Architecture. From 1980 to 1990 the autor worked for the Rotterdam Department of Physical Planning and Urban Development, during which time he held several different positions.

"Meyer's 'involvement with and enthusiasm for the problems of the waterfront resonate on every page. City and Port can best be described as a multi-destination travelogue (...) plus a theoretical reflection that elevates the book to the level of academic recognition.' Archis
Erwin Nas - kunst, cultuur & reizen - amerigo, 2018