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Butterfly in the wind - Kimura

Butterfly in the wind

The life of Tojin Okichi, concubine against her will of the first American Consul in Japan

Shimoda 1856. Okichi Saito is engaged with the carpenter Tsurumatsu, when menacing shapes of black ships appear in the bay: the US demand the opening of the Japanese market.

The envoy, Townsend Harris, the later Consul General, is enticed by Okichi's beauty as he spots her walking from a bathhouse.

Japanese officials, who consider the 15 year old girl only as a pawn in their negotiations, deliver her to 'Old man Harris' to perform 'personal services'.

Five years later Harris returns home because of ill health. Okichi is free now, but a wounded person, scorned by the townsfolk, forever a 'tojin', a foreigner's concubine.

In these circumstances, her reunion with Tsurumatsu ends as a tragic love story, one of the most touching ever.
Rei Kimura
hardcover, 138 blz
olive press
prijsindicatie € 19,50

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Erwin Nas - kunst, cultuur & reizen - amerigo, 2018